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Who are you Selling to? Are you Unique?

Who are you Selling to?  Are you Unique?

 What is your unique selling proposition?

Who is your target market?


If you are not crystal-clear you will not be able to take the action needed to produce success in your business

You have to produce results consistently in your business to succeed

You have to focus and be consistent in your actions

building muscle

An example I can give you is like a muscle in your body

if you do not exercise your muscles they will remain week.

Just like if you don’t block every day or market every day you will be weak in these areas of your business

that are vital for success

1.  YOUR Story
2. Determining who your Target market is, what they want and where they hang out?
3.  What Platform will you use to reach your Target Market?

4.  What is your Niche?
5.  What is your Passion?
6.  What is your Vision?


letter b

To B- in BLOG stands for Building a strong foundation!

letter l

The letter L – in BLOG stands for LEVERAGING your brand and creating your image online. This is through pictures videos your logo the header on your blog, tags in your blog, the color of your blog and the theme that you choose.

letter o

The letter O  – in BLOG stands for ORGANIZING and creating content.

You can do this by joining the 21 day blogging challenge, creating categories in your blog, doing key route keyword research, meta tags, giving a call to action, different pages on your blog and indexing on your blog.

letter g

The  letter G – in BLOG stands for GENERATE visibility, bringing leads and sales into your business

You can do this through syndication, social media, SEO, files sharing, email marketing, commenting on other blogs, guest blogging, indexing, pinging, PPC, and events

Be sure in your marketing you are testing and measuring your results

Pay attention to the small things be humble and consistent

Through your blog you will be building report,

establishing authority,

giving social proof,

creating commitments,

initiating reciprocity,

removing risk and leveraging urgency


Be sure that everything you were using is superb and that you are selling great products this make sales and marketing effortless

12 comments on “Who are you Selling to? Are you Unique?

  1. Sharyn Yuloff

    Yes, blogging daily is fabulous, right?!

  2. Alicia Billman Kraemer

    Excellent post! I love how you break down B L O G and give each letter a meaning that relates to creating an awesome blog. Thank you!

    • Jamison Haponenko

      Alicia, thanks for your feedback, Blogging is powerful and happy to share this information. Rachel Haponenko

  3. Maria Barina

    I love your acronym for BLOG. Very creative.

    • Jamison Haponenko

      Maria, thanks for stopping by and sharing your feedback. Blogging is a must for every business.

  4. I love you acronym for a BLOG. Everything you said is so true.

    • Jamison Haponenko

      Thanks Mike appreciate your feedback and look forward to sharing more valuable content.

  5. Cathy Pitts

    I really enjoyed your message and learning more about the power of blogging. Thanks for sharing!

    • Jamison Haponenko

      Cathy thanks so much for your feedback, glad to help you understand the value of blogging, such a powerful tool. Come see us again soon!

  6. Anita Vroonland

    Heh Jamison, great blog.
    Keep up the good work!
    Stay awesome,

    • Jamison Haponenko

      Thank you Anita, appreciate you stopping by and glad you enjoyed. Come see us again soon. Rachel Haponenko

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