Is your business automated? 9 Ways to Get it!

Is your business automated?  9 Ways to Get it!


Do you have a turnkey system that you set up once and it continues to work for you for years to come?


1. are you using a Business system that has processes and procedures that will work for you once set up, the system will work on automation.

2.  Does your Company have events you can promote?  This is key, people love to get in front of the leaders and the business owners and experience the true culture of the company.

3.  What type of products do you offer that will help others to learn what they need to do to accomplish the results you have shared.

4.  Reach beyond your sphere of interest so that you can become a master in a new area.  Expand your mind.

5. Manage your motivation every day by using a schedule to manage your time, scheduled your phone calls and your events with your team.  You can do this by listening to audio and video of mentors and leaders to retrain your brain to begin thinking differently in regards to your business.


How bad do you want success?

Are you willing to challenge your own motivation?


6.  To build your Business and your team, recruit many and use third-party testimonials, do not rely on individual personalities as a hinge for success

7.  Stay close to those who think like you do this will enhance the culture of your business

8.  When someone inquires about your business, call them give them instructions on what to expect when they go through the sales funnel and encourage every new member to start the 21 day blocking challenge

9.  When someone joins your business- Call them- make a personal connection.  You’re welcome call should consist of checking in to see how they were doing, requesting permission to spend a few minutes with them letting them know you want to follow up on any questions they may have and how you can help them succeed.


18 comments on “Is your business automated? 9 Ways to Get it!

  1. Norma Joslin

    Great blog, Rachel and Jamison! You reminded me of a few things I need to focus on, that I may be skipping over. Thanks much for sharing!

    • Jamison Haponenko

      Your welcome Norma, thanks for stopping by and we appreciate your feedback. Rachel Haponenko

  2. That’s right – leverage and automation make life so much simpler. Thanks for the post you guys!

  3. Teilon Ferreira

    Great 9 ways to automate your business. I especially loved number 2. Having events creates culture, passion and loyalty. Events are a must!

  4. Sharyn Yuloff

    Good tips; thank you!

  5. Luanne Vickery

    Great post! Automation is so important in internet marketing. Thank you for the information!

  6. Maria Barina

    Love your tips. Thanks for sharing

  7. There are some pure gold nuggets in this post Rachel. I especially like number 7. Staying connected to like minded people is key! Thanks much for sharing!

    • Jamison Haponenko

      Thank you Derek, I appreciate your feedback, come see us again soon. Rachel Haponenko 🙂

  8. Maureen Kelly

    Great ideas and spoonful of reality. Appreciate the tips -thanks for sharing!

  9. Max Juhasz

    Automation just simplifies life! Great post

    • Jamison Haponenko

      Max, Automation makes life a happy place 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and giving us your feedback. Rachel Haponenko

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