Facebook- Custom Audience… What is it?

Facebook- Custom Audience… What is it?

facebook custom audience

Have you heard of the option to upload a Custom Audience on Facebook?

This is powerful because you can take your List of email subscribers from Aweber, Get Response or any other autoresponder system and upload that list into Facebook as a Custom Audience and target market Ads that they will already be looking for.


And their are options when uploading a custom audience, you can upload by


Phone number

or Facebook Login ID


Here are some tools that will help you if you want to use a Facebook Login ID: the name of the person you are looking for here

facebook exchange

Facebook is now using EXCHANGE for retargeting,

which is a very powerful tool to reach your customers and keep your products and services in front of them till the time is right.

linkedin connections

Another option: is to import your Linked In Contacts into Facebook as a custom audience.

surveyed leads depot

My personal lead choice are leads that have taken the time to fill out a survey so that you can determine their interest level before they even become a lead.

Another option is to Buy a list or purchase leads and import that into Facebook as a custom audience.

12 comments on “Facebook- Custom Audience… What is it?

  1. Tod Grupen

    Aloha Jamison,

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information. I use this tool but apparently not as effectively as I thought. I didn’t know I could import contact to create a custom audience.

    Awesome, the sun’s barely up in Hawaii and I’ve already learned something.

    Keep It up!

    • Jamison Haponenko

      Tod greetings from Colorado 🙂 Glad to see you here! Yes this is a powerful tool you can use to personally connect through Facebook Audiences

  2. Tod Grupen

    Sorry Rachel…

    Those kudos belonged to you…


  3. Thank you for sharing this. I will make sure to work on this next week. 😀

    • Jamison Haponenko

      Awesome Emily glad you found this tool useful 🙂 I’m here if you have questions Rachel Haponenko

  4. Maria Barina

    Thanks Rachel, I didn’t know this.

    • Jamison Haponenko

      Maria glad to share, and hope you will use this tool in your business, awesome to make personal Connection. Rachel Haponenko

  5. Sharyn Yuloff

    I was just talking about this with a potential client…nicely laid out, BTW…and I hadn’t thought of using my LinkedIn connections as a custom audience…now you have me thinking…hmmmmm

    • Jamison Haponenko

      Sharyn thanks for your feedback and glad we expanding your thinking on driving traffic 🙂 Come see us again soon!

  6. good stuff. I’ve just started to use SurveyLeads and it’s been the best leads I’ve ever had that turn into buyers as well. Thank you for the tips 🙂

  7. Jamison Haponenko

    Thanks Rob, appreciate your feedback and we also are very happy with the Surveyed leads

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