Can you Take Your Videos to The NEXT Level?

Can you Take Your Videos to The NEXT Level?

What are the important Elements of a GREAT video:

1. Lead in- one to two minutes

2. Give Value- Your promise

3. Establish Authority

4. Proof- Social Proof

5. Story Thread

6. Establish Value

7.  Risk Reversal

8. Price- what they have to give you

9.  Call to Action

Detail of the Elements of a GREAT Video

1. You have 8 seconds to capture- Your lead in

2. Value- whats int he video that they want?  What promise will you deliver?

3. Establish Authority- (especially people that don’t know you) what have you accomplished?

4.  Proof- up front- social proof transformational stories

5. Repeat call to action- ask for ACTION!


Write your scripts in Google Documents- anyone you are working with can edit and coolaborate on your video scripts.




Garage Band

Producer USB or Yetty

Screen Flow


Practice Role Reversal

Have an application process to see if they qualify, only work with a specified few.

What are some Tricks you can share about making GREAT Videos?

Dedicated to Your Success,

Rachel Haponenko

16 comments on “Can you Take Your Videos to The NEXT Level?

  1. Anna Dabrowska MayhapFamily

    Good value packed blog post. Thank you for sharing!

    • Jamison Haponenko

      Thank you Anna appreciate your feedback, hope Video is making a big impact on your and your family. Rachel Haponenko

  2. Sharyn Yuloff

    We’ll be implementing the application process later this year…thanks for the validation!

    • Jamison Haponenko

      Sharyn thanks for stopping by and giving us your feedback, look forward to enjoying your videos soon!

  3. Maria Barina

    Thanks for sharing. Love the video, its very informative.

  4. Jamison Haponenko

    Thank you Maria, Appreciate your Feedback on our Video 🙂

  5. I’m going to be working on a series of video’s for my business. Thanks for the extra help in getting me in the right direction the first time. I’m just need to find a time, when it’s quiet and not so distracting for me.

    • Tamika thank you for stopping by and sharing your personal plan, make the time to jump into Video, it can make a huge difference on the traffic you see into your business. Wishing you Great success!

  6. Thank you for this. I really need to start working on doing videos for my business.

    • Emily looking forward to seeing you branch into Video for your business! It will take things to a whole new level for you 🙂

  7. Great post! I bookmarked this because videos is something I have started but struggle with. Thanks for the tips and advice!

    • Shauna many of us struggle with Video but keep pushing, you will benefit greatly and your business will soar with this added skill and relationship builder!

  8. Great information! Thanks for sharing this with us!

    • Monica thanks for sharing you thoughts, the Value of personal videos in branding your business can make all the difference for reach new levels of success.

  9. Phenomenal value here Jamison! Video is so much fun once you get past your self limiting beliefs, get out of your comfort zone, and make it a consistent habit. You shared so many tips and we thank you for it. Look forward to having you and your lovely wife on our “Power Couples” hangout soon! 🙂

    • Brian and Felecia thanks so much for your great feedback, we have seen your videos and you guys are doing an awesome job building relationship and adding value through your personal branding in Video 🙂 Look forward to joining you in a “Power Couples” hangout!

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