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Two years… Full Time Traveling with our kids!  Join us in the journey!

My Name is Jamison Haponenko

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I’m going to share with you how my wife and I and our two kids were able to “full time” or what the RV community calls Full Timing for a two year time period.

We were able to get steep discounts on an RV and also good deals on resorts along the way.  If you need ideas and advise on making money on the road, we will be sharing that with you too.  We have actually been successful at leveraging the power of the internet to create a full time income, and would love to share that find with you as well.

us in az computer

Stay tuned for some COOL STUFF!

We also have plans for some island living and international travel that will will be sharing with you here in our blog and also on our You Tube Channel.    LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE and lets stay connected!




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10 comments on “RV Living and Travel

  1. Sharyn Yuloff

    We’ve talked about RV’g when we retire to follow the Red Sox for 1 baseball season and see every ball park. I look forward to following your tips!

  2. This is amazing! What a good idea

  3. Wow, I cannot wait to hear about your adventures! Happy trails to you!

  4. Maria Barina

    Love, wanted to do this when the kids were younger and visit all the national parks. 🙂

    • Maria thank you for your feedback, we are so happy that we shared these treasures with our girls before the teens 🙂 Now we are on to some island travels and some ocean adventures. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. What an awesome way of life! Checking back on this blog more often.

  6. Absolutely loved the video!

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