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Colorado Springs Colorado USA The Good, The Bad and The ULGY

Colorado Springs Colorado USA

The Good, The Bad & The ULGY

Have you Ever Visited Colorado Springs Colorado?


This City has been my home for the past two years, I also lived here when I was a young adult going to a local community college so this is my second experience here.  Once as a single young lady, and now grown with a family.  We moved here to be with my husbands family after being seperated by a death, distance and many years.  Strange how you think that things don’t change… that everyone will be the same.  Well to put things lightly… this has been one of the biggest growing experiences of my life.  We are ready to move on a do something new, after traveling full time for two years with our kids we are ready to hit the road and head to an international destination this summer and then off to the California Coast to see what life will have for us there.  I’m super excited about my whole adventure and look forward to showing you these locations through my eyes and experiences.


Colorado Springs is a strikingly beautiful city when you enter on any of the interstates coming into town.  It is seated on the base of a Mountain and is home to Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods National Park, but it has grown ALOT in the past 20 years and there are things brewing here in Colorado Springs, just like you will find in the other BIG Cities around the USA.  Having children I pay attention to all this activity now, I don’t think I did when I was young being so inexperienced.

Colorado Springs Colorado founded 1871 originally named little London because so many English tourist settled here.

Colorado Springs brags about it’s 300 days of clear blue skies and has some amazing natural wonders right within the city limits which is at 6035 feet above sea level, like Pikes Peak who’s peak is 14,110 and Garden of the Gods another natural wonder here in this beautiful city.


The Manitou incline is also the largest staircase in the world and can be found right here in Colorado Springs.  Here is what the Incline is like

If you are traveling here with your family the city posts and has calendar for 50+ attractions to do .

Here is a link for Fun Facts and things to do in this area:



It is home to the Air Force Academy as well as the US Army base there are almost to 600,000 people living in this metropolis.

Colorado Springs is the second largest city in the state of Colorado next to Denver

Colorado Springs has 12 universities, a colleges and  for graduate schools

After living here for the last couple of years some disturbing things about the city are the concerns about human trafficking within the city limits, some areas of town especially toward the south of the city that have gang activity and maybe unsafe for kids, so just like all major cities around the country, this beautiful city is also a plate with similar problems.

Here is a link about those that are dedicated to help with this growing problem:


So there has been so much GOOD about our stay here in Colorado Springs, but have to mention some ULGY trends as well that are coming with all the growth we are seeing in this area.

Are you coming to Colorado Springs?  Let me know what your experiences have been!


Travel… Live… Dream… Make it happen 🙂


Rachel Haponenko

10 comments on “Colorado Springs Colorado USA The Good, The Bad and The ULGY

  1. Thank you for sharing! We are looking to move soon too (to Sedona), and are looking forward to our new adventure. By the way, I also work with a non-profit that is focused on helping abuse survivors. Some of them are survivors of human trafficking (YesICAN.org). Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for sharing, I’m going through the same thing in NJ. Looking to move to Washington but want to find a place that is not crowded. I love being close to nature but with all the new houses going up, its hard to do.

  3. Sharyn thanks for stopping by and sharing your plans for Sedona, sounds like a fun adventure. I think these non profits to help victims are so important for all the resources they provide. Thanks for sharing your personal link and expertise.

  4. Maria, thanks for your feedback and Washington is another destination spots for me 🙂 Its looks absolutely breathtaking there! Although you still have some cold and seasonal considerations. Wishing you the very best now and in your plans moving forward!

  5. Rachel, I love Colorado and I miss being a snowbird. We RV all summer now fishing and camping. I will be heading Colorado Springs way later in the fall to visit family. You have an exciting itinerary ahead of you. I like how you care about big city influences with your kids. Kudo’s!

  6. Thank you Rachel for this post about Colorado. I have never been there, but hopefully one day will be able to go. The U.S. Has so many wonderful places to see and learn about. Keep the traveling posts coming. I will keep my dreams of travel alive, because one day I will do it. Thanks again!

  7. I’ve never visited Colorado Springs before.. but after reading & watching the video. it’s on my list! lol awesome stuff thanks for sharing!

  8. Ricky awesome, you will love lots of things about Colorado and especially Colorado Springs… look forward to hearing your feedback on your visit, the good, the bad and the Ugly 🙂

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