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Anna Marie Island Florida USA – The Small Island

 Anna Marie Island Florida USA – The Small Island

What is your Favorite Island to visit?


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This post is an add on to yesterday’s – Anna Marie Island is located in the same area as my Post on Bradenton Beach FL but is so awesome I had to write on it today.

About this Tiny Island

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Anna Maria Island is one of the best Secrets among local Floridians it has sugar white coastlines and emerald  gulf waters.  The island is only 7 miles long and no more than a few blocks wide which gives you waves and scenery from every location the beaches are pristine and the dining has won many awards for being among the best.

The speed limit on the island to never exceeds 35 mph and offers accommodations for any type traveler.

Living the Empower lifestyle with Jamison & Rachel #5 – Blood Red Orange from Jamison Haponenko on Vimeo.

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Connecting the Island to the Mainland

Anna Maria’s first bridge was built in 1911 in 1921 the first wooden bridge was built connecting the island to the mainland in the fishing village of Cortez

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The small 7 mile Island is home to three cities the southern city of Bradenton Beach with a population of around 2000 the central city of Holmes Beach with the population just over 5000 and the northern city of Ana Maria with a population just over 1800.

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What is the average Temperature?

Its’ PERFECT 🙂 The average temperature is in the high 70s and 80s

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We absolutely loved it here, we would definitely consider this little spec of paradise to spend more time.

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Full Time Travel…. its Possible 🙂


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20 comments on “Anna Marie Island Florida USA – The Small Island

  1. This sounds wonderful, I would love to visit this one day!

  2. Thanks for sharing this Rachel. I want to visit! If you are ever out in Hawaii…come visit us =)

  3. Okay you are just plain spoiling me on these Florida beaches! The more and more I read about these beautiful creations the more I want to visit each! I’m already so excited about moving to Florida… its a sign that I’ve made the right choice that’s all 😉

  4. Fantastic post Rachel! This is definitely our kind of place! Anna Marie Island is going on our “must see” places to visit for sure. Cool facts that you shared about the island too. Always love good places to eat. Love the pics of you and your beautiful family too. It looks like a majestic place to relax. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Brian and Felicia this is a must see, these small coastal islands feel like you are in another country! Such amazing spots for you to explore~

  5. Wow – looks like a spectacular place to visit.

  6. Heidi Parham

    Sounds like an awesome place to visit! I am going to have to put this on my to do list! Thanks!

    • Heidi you and the whole family will fall in love with this beach town! Its an amazing place to explore and the shell islands are amazing!

  7. Now I know we have to plan a vacation to Bradenton Beach or Anna Marie Island. Thank you so much for posting this!

  8. I love your pictures. Sound like a nice place to be. Thanks for sharing.

  9. BetteJean Clarke

    That looks so beautiful and quaint. Anna Maria Island is a place I would love to check out the next time visiting Florida. You guys rock! Thanks for sharing your travels.

  10. Anna Maria is a gorgeous place! It’s been way too long! I’m glad you shared, this brings back some memories, lol.

  11. So true, we rented a home there quite a few years ago. The backyard was on the intercoastal and we walked across the street and we were in the gulf. Great hobiecat sailing for the week.

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