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Wauchula Florida- Don’t Blink (home of Peace River)

Wauchula Florida- Don’t Blink

(home of Peace River)


A Little stop on the Road

As we traveled the coast of Florida Full time with our Kids in our 40′ Motorcoach,  and armed  with our Thousand Trails membership we spent a number of weeks in Wauchula Florida at their RV park called Peach River.  This RV Park is a popular stop for many of the families and travelers on the road.

jh in rv

The City of Wauchula

The city of Wauchula is in Hardee County at an elevation of 115 feet,  The population in Wauchula is right around 5000 people.


What to do?

There didn’t seem to be a lot to do in this town but it was about an hour from the beach so we did enjoy our stay here very much we were also able to attend the outdoor local markets and do some mountain biking.

Living the Empower family lifestyle with Jamison & Rachel # 4 from Jamison Haponenko on Vimeo.

Wauchula does have a center for great apes, a paddle sports adventure club and a number of local restaurants.


How Hot is it?

The average temperatures here are in the 70s and 80s just like other areas along the coast

Would we go back?

We probably would venture back into this area if we were traveling full-time in our rig, not necessarily for the destination but because of the RV park in this area, it’s close to the beaches and affordable to stay.

me and the girls


megans 1st tooth



Have you traveled through some uneventful places and still made a choice to have a great time?    Would love to hear your comments.

14 comments on “Wauchula Florida- Don’t Blink (home of Peace River)

  1. Your making me homesick and I haven’t even moved to Florida yet! Haha I love learning and reading about the great places there.

  2. Wauchula is a tiny town inland but it was a quiet place to rest between our beach runs 🙂

  3. Cool post Rachel! Loved the video of your mountain bike adventure. So beautiful! Living the life of freedom is what it’s all about! WHOO HOO! 🙂

  4. Love the video nice to be in Florida this time of the year no snow there. A bit jealous….

  5. Lovely place Rachel, I love riding my bike through the trails here NJ. Use to do that a lot when my kids were smaller. Love the Empower Network Lifestyle 🙂

  6. One time we traveled to a camp in Grand Isle. Figured we would get away and have a peaceful time. But when we set foot in the camp it was full of roaches! But everywhere else was sold out! So we went to the store and got roach stuff and stayed outside most of the time. It was definitely a vacation to remember. We had a blast even though when we got back to the camp at night it was hard to sleep with the roaches. But we look back and laugh at it now.

    • Heidi that is CRAZY! In our two years on the road we saw about 5 roaches total and it was soooo gross! Glad you guys can laugh now and have some funny memories

  7. What a priveledge to be travelling like this! Love the video!

    • Annalize thank you so much for you feedback we were very fortunate that we never let our life drag us down, but just kept moving! Take risk and go for it you will be happy to did!

  8. Kevin Knecht

    Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!!!! 🙂

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