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 Where is Kissimmee?  Is it big or small?

Kissimmee Florida is in Osceola County Florida with a population of over 60,000… pretty big place, and a square mile area of about 17 miles… the weather here averages around 86°F

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Our Time in Kissimmee

Kissimmee was a great place for us to spend a couple of winters because it’s only moments from Orlando, and is in the middle of all activities and attractions for families in this area and at the gateway to Orlando’s Magic Kingdom and theme parks.  This is a family oriented town with dinner theaters, swamp tours, and outdoor activities.

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In the downtown area you can spend time at the park on the waterfront, shopping,  in the fountain pools or even casting for the bass in the lake.  Orlando International Airport is only about 11 miles from Kissimmee and there are four beaches nearby

1. Cocoa beach

2. Madeira Beach

3. St. Pete Beach

4. Daytona Beach

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More Fun things to do 🙂

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Some other activities in Kissimmee are  balloon rides,  airboat rides/swamp tours, biking, Old Town, paddle boating and there’s even a museum of military history, dinner theaters, and hummer off-road experiences.  Tons of things to do for everyone in the family.

This is a Big Place with Something for everyone

Kissimmee Florida is considered a major metropolitan area in central Florida, it is the third most populated area in the whole state, as I mentioned before  Kissimmee is well known for its theme parks and hotels and is becoming a favorite place to live and travel.

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10 comments on “Kissimmee FL Reveiw

  1. OMG-oodness! Kissimmee is where we are moving too! Well either there or Davenport which is just a town over. When I seen the title my first thought was “its meant to be” Its just crazy you wrote a blog about the one place we may be moving to. Love it!

  2. I love your pictures of Kissimmee. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

    • Maria, thanks for your feedback – this was a pretty great destination if you are looking for loads of activities. Kissimmee is a great destination.

  3. Just love these posts on all the fun and gorgeous places in Florida! So helpful because we’re actually looking to move there soon, but were not real familiar with all of the towns in Florida, so this is really useful info. Love hearing of all the fun activities for the whole family. Fantastic pics of your family btw! Thanks for sharing this Rachel!

    • Brian and Felicia so many amazing things to see and so many things we loved about Florida 🙂 And then we saw California… and then the Islands… Thank you for your feedback we will keep sharing!

  4. What an awesome life you have!!! I love to travel and thanks to your blogs I will have advice for my next road trip! Thanks!

  5. Love the pics. Thanks for sharing!

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